Which Lighting Systems Are Eligible For ECA?

For lighting systems, the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme eligibility is dependant on the systems performance and how it has been configured. Energy saving lighting solutions are different to some other energy saving technologies where specific products qualify. There are a detailed list in the Energy technology Criteria List on the Carbon Trust website of all qualifying products should you wish to find out more.

At PME electrical services and data solutions contractors Warrington, amongst our wide range of energy saving lighting solutions we offer two types of lighting systems that are in the list of qualifying products for the Enhanced Capital Allowance. These two types are lighting controls and LED lighting.

Lighting Controls

The enhanced capital allowance scheme aims to encourage Warrington and the North West businesses to purchase lighting controls that implement energy savings by automatically switching or dimming lighting. Various categories of lighting control are eligible; these can be either individual lighting controls or combinations of:

• Timer lighting controllers

• Presence detectors with associated lighting switching controller

• Daylight detectors with associated lighting switching and/or lighting dimming controller

• A networked lighting controls system

PME Electrical & Data Solutions can advise companies of a lighting control system that is eligible under the ECA scheme's criteria.

LED Lighting

White light LED luminaire eligibility for enhanced capital allowance is mainly dependant on their light output efficiency. The eligibility criteria can differ depending on the LED lighting application that is going to be installed. Once again PME Electrical & Data Solutions will be able to advise businesses of which LED Lighting systems are eligible under the ECA scheme.

How can my business benefit from ECA?

For Warrington businesses and other North West companies it can be tempting to opt for the lowest capital cost in terms of initial investment for energy saving commercial or industrial lighting solutions, however, such immediate cost saving can prove to be false economy when considering the whole life cycle maintenance and operating costs.

However under the ECA scheme in conjunction with PME electrical & data solutions, businesses throughout the UK are eligible to claim full corporation tax relief within the first year on their qualifying capital expenditure for energy saving lighting installation. The ECA scheme means that UK businesses can offset a significant part of the lighting product and lighting installation cost against taxable profits in the year of lighting purchase. This provides a cash flow boost and incentive to invest in energy saving lighting equipment. In addition, from point of lighting installation your business will benefit from reduced carbon emissions, increased efficiency and lower energy bills, as well as a better quality of light when and where it's needed.

To find out more about how PME Electrical & Data Solutions can help your business save money and pay less corporation tax contact our team on 01925 394111.

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