What Is Enhanced Capital Allowance?

Not only can energy efficient lighting solutions from PME electrical services Warrington  reduce your company's carbon emissions and save you money on running costs, they can also improve your cash flow through accelerated tax relief through the enhanced capital allowance scheme.

Benefits Of The Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme

The Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme (ECA) encourages businesses of all sizes in the North West to work with electrical and lighting installation electricians like PME to invest more freely in energy saving solutions that help to reduce the carbon emissions that are contributing to the global climate change. Within the ECA scheme certain types of energy efficient lighting products supplied by PME lighting installation specialist are eligible for full corporation tax relief for capitalised lighting equipment for energy saving technologies. Corporation Tax Relief can be claimed by businesses on the purchase and lighting installation costs of specific types of LED lighting and lighting controls. The Carbon Trust has been appointed by the government to manage the approved technologies list and promotes the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme on behalf of the government.

PME Helping Reduce Energy Costs

Company energy costs are often treated as a fixed overhead by organisations. This does not need to be the case; by taking the right advice and approach to energy management it is possible to make considerable savings. Reducing energy use with the help of PME electricians Warrington makes perfect business sense as not only does it save your business money but also enhances corporate reputation and helps everyone lead the fight against climate change. PME Electrical & Data Solutions working within the Carbon Trust guidelines provides simple, effective help and advice to companies and public sector organisations take action to reduce carbon emissions, and the simplest way to do this is to use energy more efficiently.

To find out more on how your company can qualify for the enhanced capital allowance scheme whilst at the same time reducing the carbon footprint of your business speak with our energy saving experts at PME Electrical & Data Solutions on 01925 394111 today. 




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