Warrington Electricians Top Tips For DIY Success

If you are planning a DIY project involving electrical equipment, here are some of the top tips offered by 'Handy Andy' star of TV's popular DIY show Changing Rooms.

His number one, and most important, tip is

If you are unsure,DON'T DO IT! Call the experts!!!

Dont DIYIf you do feel confident enough to attempt a DIY project, there are a few simple rules that you can follow to minimise the risks of an electrical shock or even a fire.

Before starting, always make sure that you locate the position of any existing domestic electrical installations, particularly if you are planning on drilling or nailing in to the walls. A cable detector can help you to find electrical cables that are buried out of sight within your walls, thus avoiding the risks of electrical shocks.

Before using any electrical power tools, always check its condition, paying particular attention to the lead and plug. If there are any signs of damage, frayed wires etc, always have them repaired before using. When you do use power tools ensure that you know the exact location of the lead to avoid cutting through it or tripping over it.

If you are planning on undertaking any work near domestic electrical installations, it is always best where possible to turn off the power at the fuse box and to use battery operated tools. Before starting work, you should double check that the power is off by trying the lights and plugging in an appliance to make sure that they don't work.

If you need to leave the power on, then make sure that you use a residual current device (RCD) in your fuse box or alternatively a plug in version. This will turn off the power in the event of an electrical fault and reduce the risks.

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The above tips will help to minimise the dangers, but Handy Andy is fronting a campaign from the Electrical Safety Council to encourage people to use a qualified NICEIC electrician rather than DIY, due to the large numbers of deaths, electrical shocks and fires.

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