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PME Electricians Warrington have completed a lot of jobs over the years which have been for many companies - that have all been in different industries and sectors of business.

Here at PME Electricinas Warrington like to believe that the versatility our company has shown is another attractive quality for our customers when they are choosing us as their electricians. Urbanest is a student accommodation complex with a difference. Every Urbanest student accommodation complex has a warm community feel where the students enjoy a superb lifestyle with the best accommodation, study areas and social spaces as well as a great supportive network which encourages them to meet people and even make lifelong friends. In short, Urbanest is a hassle free, secure living accommodation complex in the most exciting and distinctive areas of London.

Urbenest Choose PME Electricians Warrington

Urbanest RestaurantWhen Urbanest contacted us to help them with their electrics for their new restaurant we were more than happy to be working with them because they seemed to like our visions for their electrics.

Urbanest were a different kind of client for us, a bigger job and a complex who needed a wide variety of different electrical jobs completing to an extremely high standard so that they would be able to open their restaurant knowing that they have everything they needed to make sure they could function whilst being safe.

UrbanestWe gave them a lot of electrical power within their restaurant because that is what they needed from us. They needed more electrical power because of the restaurant size and the back of house's needs - which we also serviced. PME Electricians Warrington completed all of these jobs to the highest standard we possibly could using our fully qualified electricians.

Electrical power wasn't all that they were in need of as a restaurant needs a particular kind of lighting too, to make it appealing and to help diners see their food.

Fire safety in a restaurant is extremely important as you can imagine but it is just as important in back of house as well because in this type of industry there is a high risk of a fire breaking out.

PME Electricians Warrington

PME Electricians Warrington have given Urbanest high quality fire alarms that are state of the art and the newest out there to make sure that Urbanest and their diners are safe at all times - and if worst comes to worst they will be fully prepared.

We enjoyed taking on a challenge as big as Urbanest and we are glad that they are as satisfied as we are.

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