NCP Carparks Make The Switch To LED Lighting

Having fully lit car parks is very important for safety. Switching NCP car parks to LED lighting is a big step forward for NCP and its customers.

PME Warrington electricians are always here to help our customers. Whether it be to help them with their own LED lighting issues or to show them how companies that they use are incorporating new lighting into their businesses.

Warrington LED Lighting Specialist

NCP Carpark LightingOur Warrington LED lighting specialist can explain to you everything you need to know about projects such as NCP's switch the LED lighting. NCP recently began relighting 149 of their multi-storey car parks with LED luminaires. This was under a new deal with an energy performance contract provider. This is now expected to be the largest project of its kind in the UK in 2014 which is good for energy efficiency.

This project will give NCP a modernised portfolio of car parks whilst still being energy efficient.

Warrington Electricians

Warrington domestic electricians here at PME electricians can show you how cost and energy effective it would be for you to have LED lighting in your home. Our Warrington electrical services contractors can sort everything out for you along with our Warrington LED lighting specialist who will be on hand to explain everything and answer any questions you may have about LED lighting and how you can benefit from having it.

It was reported that the NCP project involved retrofitting more than 70,000 LED luminaires in their car parks, to be followed by a further 35,000 in environments such at station car parks and local authority sites. This will help NCP cut its greenhouse emissions by 11,000 tonnes a year and save more than 65 per cent of the energy their car parks consume.

If you want more information about how our Warrington LED lighting specialist can help you save energy and lessen the greenhouse emissions you produce, then contact the highly trained Warrington electricians at PME electricians.

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