Lighting Industry launches joint strategy with UK Government

The lighting industry has launched a joint strategy with the UK Government that hopes to develop a plan for a competitive and sustainable lighting industry.

UK Lighting Strategy

At PME Warrington Electricians we understand that when these strategies come about sometimes it is hard to look past all of the jargon to understand the underlying message and see the bigger picture. Our Warrington electrical services contractors are highly trained and experience when it comes to helping our customers understand what is going on and how it will affect them in the long run.

The LIA has worked closely this time with the department of business, innovation and skills in helping to draft this strategy and it includes a valuable input from a large and varied selection of stakeholders in the lighting world. This had culminated in the production of a document outlining a roadmap to 2030.

Warrington LED Lighting Specialist

Our Warrington LED lighting specialist are more than happy to help you with all of your electrical needs whether you need us to help you with LED lighting, general electrical work or if it's just as simple as you need us to help you with the new joint strategy that the lighting industry has launched with the government.

It has been said that this new venture maps out the bright future of the lighting industry and points the partnership of the industry and the government for highlighting how the industry will be likely to evolve and what more needs to be put in place for global success.

Warrington Electrical Contractors

We have the best Warrington electrical services contractors and they know that the preparation of this document will only be the beginning with more brilliant things to come for the lighting industry. Our Warrington domestic electricians know that the hard work with this strategy starts now and turning it into deliverable actions will require understanding from both the industry and the government.

PME electricians are here to keep you updated and help you with all of your electrical and lighting needs.

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