How to save money on electricity

PME Projects Ltd electrical & data solutions know that with electricity bills soaring year on year, you need to save money wherever you can to be able to power your home. Did you know that you can use the same amount you are currently consuming but by simply turning down the voltage you will cut your bills from day one.

  • Save up to 15% on your electricity bills

  • Reduce energy usage and your carbon footprint
  • Increase the life of your household appliances

UK electricity is supplied at around 240Volts, which is high compared to most countries. 

Electrical equipment manufacturers produce electrical products to suit the whole world and therefore their products are able to work across a wide voltage range, anywhere between 270Volts and 253Volts.

This wasted energy not only costs you money, it also causes your appliances to wear out more quickly. This is because they deal with the extra voltage by generating extra heat, light or vibration.

So as well as saving on your rising electricity bill, you will also save by not having to change your light bulbs so often.

Voltage Optimisation Unit

By installing a voltage optimisation unit in your property, voltage will typically be reduced to around 218Volts, ensuring your appliances and circuits run perfectly well.

This helps save money on your electricity bill and reduces carbon emissions, which are harmful to the environment.

From the moment the unit is operational, you'll start saving money and there's no need to change your energy supplier.

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