How To Reduce Energy Bills

What Kind Of Energy Does The UK Consume

UK Energy ConsumptionA recent study of Energy Consumption for the UK in 2011 showed that our final energy consumption was broken down into Oil at 45%, Gas at 30%, Electricity at 20% and finally Coal at 5%. Gas and Electricity are the ones which are primarily used to heat homes and businesses throughout the UK registering a staggering 69.7 million tonnes of oil equivalent.

How To Save Money On Utility Bills

Wear a Jumper

A simple idea of wearing a jumper at home or in work means you will be able to turn the heating down in your home or office. You will reduce your home or business energy bill, and your carbon footprint.

Don't leave things on Standby

If everyone in Warrington and the rest of the UK turned their Televisions off at night when they went to bed instead of leaving them on standby, it would save £66 million across the UK on home energy bills. If your Warrington business uses a lot of screens why not ask that the last person to leave the office each day goes round the office and turns them off. Another simple way to reduce your Warrington business energy payments.

Install Room Thermostats

Installing a room thermostat to monitor temperature in a room or office that did not have one previously could reduce your gas bill by £70 and your carbon footprint by £280kg a year.

Review Your Energy Saving Lighting

By using energy saving led lighting from PME Electricians Warrington you can reduce your yearly electricity bill by at least £3 per bulb. It may not sound like much but even if you only have 20 bulbs in your entire office you would save an extra £60 a year, which is not bad considering you just order a different type of bulb when PME Electricians Warrington are reviewing your lighting needs. The other point to consider is that the average lifespan of a LED light is 50,000 hours compared to 8,000 hours of a standard energy saving light bulb. Therefore you may replace your lighting 6 times before needing to replace an LED light.

Install A Voltage Optimisation Unit

As a Warrington business or Warrington home owner it is likely that you will need to power a significant amount of electrical equipment which can come at quite a cost in energy bills. Most modern electrical equipment found in the home or office these days are manufactured to work throughout the European Union and designed to operate on around 220 Volts. In the UK the average incoming electricity supply is 242 Volts which is a notable difference. This over supply of electricity could be pushing your annual energy bills up without you even noticing and also reducing the lifespan of your electrical equipment. One of the most popular solutions to combat this is to install a voltage optimisation unit from PME Commercial Electrical Contractors Warrington. A voltage optimisation unit installed by a PME Warrington Electrician could reduce your incoming supply to the required voltage, protecting your electrical equipment whilst at the same time reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint.

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