How To Avoid Health & Safety Claims

Have you checked your factory or warehouse lighting lately? Does it provide enough visibility or comply with current Health & Safety legislation? If your answers is no, then you need to act now and act fast by contacting PME electricians Warrington who provide superb energy saving luminaries to improve light levels in factories and warehouses of all sizes.

Guard Against Claims with High Quality Lighting

'Accident at Work' claim companies actively seek out claims against companies who fail to comply with Health & Safety legislation so it is little wonder that many businesses across the country are doubling their efforts to make sure that all the health and safety requirements are met. The wrong surface in a particular area, poor electrical wiring or poor inadequate office lighting, factory lighting or warehouse lighting can soon lead to an accident, costing businesses more than a claim with employees off and additional costs for rework. Insufficient lighting levels are a major contributor to accident claims and loss of revenue with errors in picking and packing.

Sufficient lighting levels improve productivity, minimises picking errors, reduces tiredness and eye strain, reduces risk of occupational accidents and provides a brighter and more attractive environment to work in.

Lighting that Reduces Energy Costs

PME electricians Warrington provide luminaries of induction lighting and LEDs have gained a reputation across the UK for providing high quality fittings and service while significantly reducing energy costs. Effective induction lighting from PME Electrical & Data Solutions has a life expectancy of around 11 years, saving customers circa 50% on energy use and with ROI from 18 months to 3 years depending on site and application.

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