Gardeners at Risk from Poor Electrical Advice

Safety For Gardeners

Manufacturers of all types of electrically powered garden tools are being urged to improve the safety advice that is currently displayed on their packaging and the enclosed instruction leaflets.

After a recent survey commissioned by Electrical Safety First it was found that hospital treatment is require each year by more than 300,000 individuals after they had electrical related incidents in gardens across the country. Many of these incidents are because the cables of hedge trimmers or lawn mowers are severed by the blades of the tool which then results in electric shock.

Reduce The Risk Of Electric Shocks

RCDThere is however a way for these accidents to be reduced greatly by the use of an inexpensive external RCD (Residual Current Device) unit that would cut off the power supply at the first sign of trouble. The advice given about these RCD units was not easy to follow and some leaflets or manuals only mentioned the usefulness in rainy weather.

PME Warrington Electricians is in full agreement with Electrical Safety First that the advice given by manufacturers of these tools should be made a whole lot clearer. Furthermore PME Warrington electricians would suggest some type of health warning is displayed prominently on the packaging or a notice attached to the plugs of this type of electrical goods, because the study also bought to light that most people do not read any enclosed leaflets or manuals before using the items.

PME Warrington Electricians Recommend RCD's

The fitting of an external power supply with an RCD is simple for a qualified electrician and with PME Warrington Electricians you are getting the added security of our NICEIC accreditation so you can rest assured that you have professional references that can be tracked.

It is very important that the message about how quickly and easily electrical tools of any type can cause serious harm and even death is delivered to the end users, and PME Warrington Electricians preach this message where ever they are working.


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