Energy Saving Solutions

PME Electricians Warrington know that we all like to make money savings, whether it's a few pounds at the supermarket, for a rainy day, a holiday or even when it's coming up to a special event like a wedding. Mainly due to the current economic climate we are even more conscious of saving where possible, even if it's sometimes difficult.

This is where PME Electrical & Data Solutions can help as we provide another area of life where people can make savings and that is with our fantastic energy saving lighting solutions and voltage optimisation units. Our energy saving solutions provide Warrington residential and business customers with a host of advantages, perhaps the biggest being that lighting and voltage optimisation installations from PME use much less energy than other energy saving solutions without dwindling on the quality of lighting or electrical output. In fact, the quality of light actually improves and electrical equipment last longer!

Energy Saving Lighting Solutions

The majority of lighting projects that PME Electrical & Data Solutions have worked on since induction lighting technology first emerged in the market place has saved Warrington customers the equivalent of 50% of their initial investment within the first 2 to 3 years of lighting installation.

Aside from the great savings being made with PME induction lighting technology, the lighting contractors from PME are also able to tailor your existing systems to suit your needs with a choice of both standard and custom lighting solutions. In some environments, PME are also able to retro fit current light fittings, updating your lighting systems and helping businesses make even more savings on their utility bills.

Voltage Optimisation Unit

UK electricity is supplied at around 240Volts, which is high compared to other countries in Europe. Considering that most electrical equipment manufacturers produce electrical products to work across the whole world they are able to work across a wide voltage range, anywhere between 207Volts and 253Volts.

This wasted energy not only costs you money, but it also causes your electrical appliances to wear out more quickly due to having to deal with extra voltage, extra heat, light or vibration.

By installing a voltage optimisation unit in your home or business, the voltage output would be reduced to around 218Volts ensuring all your appliances have adequate power to function properly. By running at the lower voltage this helps you save money on your electricity bill and reducing your carbon footprint.

PME Electrical & Data Cabling Warrington can tailor an energy saving solution specific to your needs. Call our energy saving experts today on 01925 394111.

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