Energy Saving Lighting

At PME electricians Warrington know that big spaces such as warehouses or large open buildings, where manufacturing takes place, requires the best possible energy saving lighting to help make the operation run more efficiently. Good quality lighting solutions can help the workforce to navigate aisles with ease with forklift trucks whilst excellent illumination can aid in reducing accidents and damage to items kept on the premises such as machinery.

Energy Saving Lighting Solutions

With so much space to light, most lighting solutions can account for up to 80% of a site's electricity bills. By installing efficient industrial & commercial energy saving lighting systems from PME electrical contractors, you can make superb savings on energy without losing out on light quality. 

Unfortunately, if you're still yet to change to newer more efficient, energy saving industrial lighting systems, you could be suffering from a number of factors that are costing you money and better functionality.

  • If you haven't changed your lighting for a number of years there's a strong possibility that you're not getting adequate lighting where you most need it. This means your place of work may not adhere to current laws set for lighting levels which could end up causing consequences in the future.
  • Older lights including fluorescent and HID, whilst being at full power throughout the working day, don't have the ability to be dimmed when less lighting is needed which can be another contribution to rising energy bills.

Induction Lighting

Our energy saving lighting solutions include induction lighting, the ultimate lighting solution to provide more light for less cost. An induction light from PME electrical contractors has an extremely long lamp life of approximately 100,000 hours which is equal to just over 11 years of light, giving you an idea of the excellence of the products we install.

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