Electrical Services For Warrington Schools

With Warrington schools being in charge of their own financial budgets, PME Electricians Warrington can help by offering school heads and caretakers an easy solution for electrical maintenance and new electrical installations.

When moving Warrington school classrooms  or installing new computer equipment, you may need extra electrical sockets or data networking outlets to suit the use of the school classroom.

With school buildings having a hard life these days, electrical socket outlets and electrical light fitting do get broken or may need replacing. PME Electricians Warrington can help with out of school hours working and out of school term works. 

Energy saving in Warrington schools

With electricity bills rising on a yearly basis, the use of LED lighting in schools and office lighting Warrington can save up to 50 % in comparison with standard fluorescent lighting. Since lights within schools are on often on 8 plus hours per day, changing older lighting to new LED lighting can really save schools money. LED lighting is also available within newer emergency lights which have smaller batteries meaning they require less maintenance, making the Warrington schools caretakers' jobs far easier.

Voltage optimisation for Warrington schools

Voltage Optimisation

By reducing and stabilizing the voltage within Warrington school buildings, a school can save energy and the Warrington schools electrical equipment will last longer.

By running Warrington School equipment at an 8% lower voltage than normal  - typically 220V instead of 240V - a school will save from 8% to 20 % of their annual electricity costs.

The energy savings are immediate and a Warrington schools equipment will last longer as damaging power fluctuations are removed when a voltage optimisation unit is fitted. A typical return on investment would be around 2 years and PME electricians Warrington offer a guaranteed saving following a site survey or we would not recommend an install.

Book a site survey with PME Electricians Warrington today and start saving money for your Warrington School.

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