Crockett & Jones Choose PME Electricians Warrington

PME Electricians Warrington pride themselves on doing the very best for our customers - and that's exactly what we have done for Crockett & Jones luxury shoe shop.

Crockett & Jones were looking for a company who could help them with all of their electrical needs in a professional manner without the hefty cost.

This is why Crockett & Jones chose us at PME Electricians.

Crockett and JonesThe team at Crockett & Jones wanted us at PME Electricians Warrington to give them the best lighting so that they would be able to show off their fantastic shoes in the best way possible - which is what we did plus much, much more by choosing the best, state of the art lighting that still kept in touch with the feel of the shop itself.

Their internal lighting was extremely important for selling customers their shoes, so we had to make sure that we got that right first and foremost. But, security and access to the shop are also vitally important to shops to keep their shop safe and have the perfect entrance for their customers.

PME Electricians Warrington 

Our team at PME Electricians Warrington gave Crockett & Jones an up to date fire alarm which would give them and their shop the fire safety they required to keep their customers safe at the same time. It was a case of mixing the right systems they needed with up to date fire alarm features to make sure that it all worked perfectly for them.

Having brilliant access into the shop is all about the door access - this was another important factor for them so we made sure we gave them a door which was state of the art and we also had to give them fantastic control cabling to make sure their shop got everything, as well as for the mechanical contractors used - it worked perfectly.

We enjoyed working with Crockett & Jones to give them the perfect electrics for them and their shop, and we are happy that they are very satisfied with our work.

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