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If you have a commercial building and its lighting hasn't been upgraded for years, the chances are that you are significantly overpaying for the lighting of your building. Interior lighting alone accounts for about 60% of the commercial buildings energy usage and exterior lighting considerably adds to that percentage, taking into account the building's size and illumination needs. Performing a lighting audit can substantially reduce your annual lighting expenses. And who better to seek help from than the energy efficiency consultants and office lighting Warrington specialists from PME Electrical and Data Solutions, Warrington.

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NiceIcPME electrical contractors Warrington are focused on helping clients transform their businesses into energy efficient buildings by providing a wide range of reliable and trustworthy services to suit any budget. The working knowledge, years of experience and unmitigated passion of commercial electricians Warrington help to make PME Electricians Warrington the first choice of customers, whether it's electrical, lighting or audio or media works required for any commercial business. Shifting to energy efficient lighting encompasses a wide array of options to choose from like the compact fluorescent lights or LEDs.

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Because of their durable nature and small size, LEDs are fast replacing the traditional and halogen bulbs with much better spread of light. They fit most commercial businesses lighting needs and can last for a considerably longer period than the traditional incandescent bulbs. They are solid too and thus are less susceptible to breakages and knocks. They even remain quite cool with very little heat build up. PME commercial electrical services Warrington can also help you with reduced voltage optimisation units. The extra amount of energy fed to your equipment from the mains is a spectacular waste and also somewhat shortens the life expectancy of the equipment. Electrical contractors Warrington employ voltage optimisation techniques that will substantially reduce the amount of energy being fed to your equipment from the mains and thus saving you money. See the chart above and you will see how changing your lighting to more energy efficient ligting can make the most impact so call PME Electricians Warrington today for a competitive quote.

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