Bon Marche Choose PME For EPOS Rollout

In any business we all know that time is money and that disruption of business is costly, this never more true that in the retail industry. For that reason, PME Projects was commissioned by Bon Marché to roll out their new EPOS system.

Bon Marche EposAll the work had to be carried out when each of the 260 stores nationwide were closed, which meant that the five teams of electrical contractors from PME Projects had to work through the night. Each location throughout the country needed a number of tasks to be completed in order for the system to be installed and act independently while remaining part of the Bon Marché network. Power and data cables had to be installed swiftly but in compliance with health and safety regulations. New counters needed erecting with the required power outlets in place to accommodate the new tills. Another element of the system was that there had to be a wireless capability.

PME Retail Electricians

Our retail electricians have to be trained to the highest levels in many areas of electrical contracting. There has to be a lot of trust as teams are often working unsupervised in places where there are high-value items at risks if care is not taken at all times.

EPOS Installation Specialists

Bon MarcheEPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) systems are extremely powerful machines that not only operate as a till for the customer, but they have to communicate seamlessly with credit card companies and keep track of stock levels for 'just in time' deliveries. Analysing reports compiled by the system will help highlight weaknesses in the business and point to trend changes. Ensuring that this delicate equipment is installed correctly is a highly skilled task that cannot be performed by any but the most experienced electrical contractors.

PME Projects has a team of retail electrical contractors that are continually trained so that they are completely up to date with the latest technology. This is invaluable for clients such as Bon Marché who need a one-stop shop for the electrical project planning skills involved in this major project.


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