Beware of CCA Data Cabling & CCC Data Cables

Copper clad aluminium (CCA) data cables have aluminium cores with a copper coating. They have some legitimate uses but are now appearing under the disguise of Cat5e data cabling. However, they do not comply with any British or European quality standards and will not perform for your needs as required. PME Data Cabling Warrington is warning their clients to be wary if they are offered cheap data cable or cable from an unqualified source. It is important when purchasing data cabling to ask the question, is it a solid copper data cable or a CCA data cable?

Why Avoid Copper Clad Aluminium (CCA) & Copper Clad Copper (CCC) Data Cabling

As well as failing basic tests during commissioning, the CCA data cable is less flexible and will fracture more easily during daily use. In addition, the aluminium contained within the data cabling oxidises and performance deteriorates further over a period of time. Particular problems occur when used for Power over Ethernet (PoE) data cabling because aluminium has a higher resistance. Therefore, CCA data cables may not deliver the required voltage to network devices on the network.

The latest European quality standards under development state that CCA data cables are not permitted to be used for network installations.

More recently we have seen the arrival of copper clad copper (CCC) data cables. These use an inferior quality of cable on the inside and can perform even worse than CCA data cables.

For an in-depth report on the issue of CCA data cables in the data cabling market, see the FibreOptic Industry Association (FIA) white paper on Copper Clad Aluminium Cables.

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