Benefits of using a NICEIC Registered Contractor

PME Warrington Electricians are committed domestic electricians and are also a NICEIC registered contractors. NICEIC is a professional body that has for many years been assessing the technical competencies of electricians that are on their register. The main aim of NICEIC is the protection of people from poor and unsafe installation of anything electrical.  PME Warrington Electricians had to undergo stringent examination and assessment of their skills, and like any other NICEIC registered contractor have to have these competencies and skill levels checked at regular intervals in order to remain on the NICEIC register.

You will find that many locally based domestic electricians will not be listed on the NICEIC register, and while they may well be very good at what they do there is nobody checking that they maintain good safe and competent standards.

NICEIC Registered Contractors

NiceIcFor individuals, businesses and industry there are many benefits of using a NICEIC registered contractor such as PME Warrington Electricians;

Safe and Competent

All electricians that are registered by NICEIC must follow a set of rules (code of practice) to remain in the scheme, their skill levels are assessed regularly to ensure that these electricians are capable of fulfilling any technical task laid before them and that the highest of standards are maintained.

Building Regulation Compliance

NICEIC registered contractors that maintain the standards required under the NICEIC building regulations scheme have the authority to self-certify work they have done to the local building control body. This mean a great saving of both time and money for any work which is carried out under the building regulations.

Platinum Promise and Complaints Procedure

The quality of work and customer service provided by an NICEIC registered contractor is backed by the NICEIC organisation so that customers have full peace of mind from the start when they choose to engage an NICEIC registered contractor.

PME Warrington Electricians 

So whether you are looking for Warrington domestic electricians or Warrington commercial electricians, PME Warrington Electricians offer you more benefits that most.


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