Avoiding Electrical Hazards

It is amazing just how often PME Warrington electricians have to point out the invisible but very deadly electrical hazards to clients that are having something totally unrelated looked at or installed. We all know that electricity can cause fires and electric shocks but the chances of these thing happening are greatly reduced if you use an NICEIC registered contractor such as our PME Warrington electricians for any electrical inspections installations or maintenance work you need completing.

Electrical Hazards Statistics

Avoid Electrical HazardsGovernment statistics show that there are in excess of 20,000 fires each year caused by electricity; this is nearly half of all house fires. (source: DCLG) also there are 350,000 serious injuries and 70 + deaths attributable to electrical accidents in the home (source: ESC)

As well as the above domestic electricians are told about 12,500+ electrical fires in homes all across the UK. Many of these will undoubtedly be from appliances that are faulty but some will be from poor electrical installations.

The use of PME Warrington electricians NICEIC registered contractor for all your installations and maintenance requirement would avoid electrical hazards and could save lives.

PME Warrington Electricians

Warrington domestic electricians, Warrington industrial electricians and Warrington commercial electricians often report the use of socket-outlets, cables and switches that have through prolonged use deteriorated to a state that is unsafe. As an NICEIC registered contractor PME Warrington electricians are able to advise clients well in advance of any replacements or repairs that are required through regular maintenance checks.

A nationwide study by TheElectrical Safety Council resulted in the following

  • 42% of people asked stated they had never had their electrical system checked
  • 32% of DIYers said they had the unpleasant experienced one or more electric shocks while carrying out DIY 
  • 59% of people studied do not use qualified domestic electricians when carrying out electrical work in their homes
  • 48% of people studied were unaware that their electrics should be checked at least every 10 years

Make sure that the people in your home, the people that you employ and all of your customers avoid electrical hazards by employing the services of PME Warrington electricians an NICEIC registered contractor the benchmark for competence and safety.

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