Trafford Housing Trust

Trafford Housing Trust Restructures Office Layouts

At PME electrical contractors Warrington we undertake a variety of commercial electrical services and domestic electrical services, either directly to the Client or through a main contractor. However we work we always ensure we deliver the highest possible level of service.

On this occasion we were working alongside one of our trusted partners, FMS Interior Services.

FMS Interior Services Ltd are vastly experienced in creating and supporting the workplace, with a proven track record of completing successful interior projects for the Educational, Leisure, Office, Healthcare and Accommodation sectors.

Having worked closely together on a number of similar projects over the years, PME electricians Warrington were the natural choice to assist FMS with the rearrangement of the office infrastructure of their client Trafford Housing Trust (THT).

FMS Interior Services Ltd were full of praise for PME:
"We like working with PME electricians, not just because of the positive 'get it done' attitude, but because we know that when PME electricians leave site the work has been completed properly and our clients can carry on running their organisations without any further disruption."

As a social housing provider responsible for around 9000 homes, service uptime is critical to Trafford Housing Trust, its staff and its tenants. Throughout the day, staff are in constant interaction with tenants, partners and suppliers using both computer terminals and telephone systems.

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The changes to the office layouts across THT's six-storey Head Office at Sale Point meant the scheduling, co-ordination and implementation had to be perfect and work within the constraints of 100% uptime during the working day to maintain THT's high levels of customer satisfaction.

The work was scheduled, between FMS / PME / THT to take place over six consecutive nights, with THT staff kept fully updated on progress at the end of each night - especially as their desks were at their existing location when staff left for the evening and the new location when they arrived the following morning.

FMS' remit was to ensure the smooth reconfiguration of the THT office. Experienced FMS furniture fitters relocated the desks according to the drawings, enabling the PME electricians to relocate both the power and data cabling to suit the new office layouts - de-installing, re-installing, testing each install and relocation thoroughly before certified completion. All of this work was carried out during the evenings when the THT staff had finished their day's work

PC terminals and hardware were re-connected once desks were in position, in readiness for the start of the next working day.

Paul Moore, Director of PME electricians Warrington, commented:
"Office lighting, power and data cabling are a core part of our range of electrical services. We're used to working through the night for desk relocations and delivering seamless moves for our Clients. It's always a pleasure working great professionals like FMS."

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